Percentage-Based Lease Contract

Welcome to our Percentage-Based Lease Contract – a unique lease arrangement that's designed to flex with your business's ups and downs.

What's Inside?

  1. How We Calculate Your Rent: We'll break down the formula we use to figure out your rent based on a percentage of your sales.
  2. Lease Terms: This sets the stage for our partnership, covering how long you'll be with us, any fixed rent components, and the important details that make our lease official.
  3. What You and We Are Responsible For Think of this section as our guide to the partnership. It spells out your duties as the tenant and ours as the landlord.
  4. Paying the Rent: This part explains how and when you need to pay your rent, all linked to how well your business is doing.
  5. Reporting Sales and Playing by the Rules: This is about keeping track of your sales and making sure everything is above board when it comes to rent calculations.

Why It Matters:

  • Rent That Fits Your Success: This lease ties your rent directly to how well your business is doing. It's flexible – when things are slow, your rent can be too, and when you're booming, it's fair.
  • Fairness Built In: It's an equitable way to set rent, so you're not paying more than your fair share. It's all about keeping things square in our partnership.
  • We're in This Together: With this lease, we're both sharing the risks and rewards of your business's performance, creating a win-win situation.

How to Get the Most Out of It:

  1. Know How It Works: Make sure you understand how the percentage-based rent is calculated, so you can budget effectively.
  2. Keep Good Records: Keep track of your sales accurately.
  3. Stay in Touch: Keep talking to us, your landlord. If your business changes, we can figure out how that affects your rent together.

So, let's make the most of this Percentage-Based Lease Contract. It's a flexible and business-savvy way to manage your rent, ensuring our partnership works for your success.

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