13+ Free Short-Term Rental Agreement Forms for Your Needs

Step into Easy Rent, your online haven for stress-free renting! If you’re on the hunt for smooth sailing with short-term rental agreements, you’re exactly where you need to be. We’re thrilled to offer 13 free Short-Term Rental Agreement Templates created in MS Word, each one tailored to fit different scenarios. Picture these agreements as the building blocks that piece together your rental plans—whether it’s a quick weekend getaway, a corporate stay, or a relaxing vacation, we’ve got you covered.

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Short Term Rental Agreement Templates In MS Word Format

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01. Vacation Property Lease Agreement

It covers things like how long you’ll be hanging out, when to pay, house rules to keep things awesome, and who to call if something needs fixing.

02. Airbnb Accommodation Rental Agreement

We’re excited to host you and make your Airbnb experience fantastic based on what we’ve agreed upon in this agreement.

03. Short-Term Residential Lease Agreement

Look forward to making your short-term stay awesome based on what we’ve agreed upon in this agreement. Let’s make your time here fantastic!

04. Holiday Residence Rental Agreement

This agreement is like our game plan for your stay during this festive season.

05. Weekend Getaway Property Lease Agreement

Immerse yourself in the spirit of a tranquil weekend, respecting the essence of this agreement that will illuminate the path to your idyllic getaway.

06. Monthly Residence Rental Agreement

Let’s collaborate to transform this residence into your temporal haven, as we embark on a month-long journey of dwelling and experiences.

07. Weekly Vacation Property Lease Agreement

It lays out your stay duration, how to pay, house rules for a great time, and our joint responsibility to keep the place in top shape.

08. Ski Lodge Accommodation Rental Agreement

Within its framework, discover the blueprint for your alpine retreat, and the shared responsibility of preserving this winter haven.

09. Beachfront Property Lease Agreement

Dive into the bliss of a beachfront adventure, respecting the principles outlined in this agreement that will shape your coastal sojourn.

10. Cabin Retreat Rental Agreement

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of a cabin retreat, respecting the clauses of this agreement that will shape your forest hideaway.

11. Condominium Residence Rental Agreement

Embark on a journey of contemporary urban living with this Rental Agreement.

12. Summer Vacation Residence Lease Agreement

It’s designed to make sure everyone knows what to expect and to avoid any problems or disagreements during the summer rental.

13. Corporate Housing Lease Agreement

It spells out all the nitty-gritty details for renting a place to house employees, clients, or for business purposes.

Where to Use Rental Agreement:

A Short-Term Rental Agreement is used when someone wants to rent out their place for a short period, usually less than a month.

  • Vacation Rentals: Imagine you’re going on vacation and you decide to stay in someone’s house instead of a hotel. The property owner would use a short-term rental agreement to lay out the rules for your stay.
  • Corporate Housing: Say a business executive needs a place to stay for a few weeks during a work assignment. The property owner would use a short-term rental agreement to make sure everyone knows the terms of the stay.
  • Short Business Trips: When professionals have short business trips and need a place to stay, a short-term rental agreement helps define the details of their accommodation.
  • Transitional Housing: Picture someone who’s in between homes due to moving or renovating; they might need a short-term rental. An agreement would be used to make things clear for both parties.
  • Special Events or Conferences: Let’s say a city hosts a big event and homeowners offer their spaces for short stays. A short-term rental agreement sets the ground rules for these temporary rentals.
  • Tourism and Travelers: In touristy areas, homeowners might offer their places to travelers for a short stay, and a short-term rental agreement ensures everyone knows what to expect.
  • Weekend Getaways: If you’re planning a short weekend trip and opt to stay in someone’s cozy cabin, a short-term rental agreement would outline the terms of your stay.

In all these scenarios, a Short-Term Rental Agreement acts like a rulebook, making sure both the property owner and the tenant understand and agree to the terms for the short stay.

Key Components of a Short-Term Rental Agreement:

The key components of a short-term rental agreement are explained in bullet points:

  • Rental Duration: Clearly define the start and end dates of the rental period, specifying the duration for which the property is being rented. Include check-in and check-out times.
  • Payment Terms: Outline the total rental cost, payment due dates, accepted payment methods, security deposit details, and any penalties for late payments or bounced checks.
  • House Rules: Detail the rules and guidelines that the tenant must follow during their stay. This may include restrictions on smoking, pets, noise levels, maximum occupancy, and any other specific terms related to the property’s usage.
  • Maintenance Responsibilities: Describe the responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant regarding property maintenance. This may cover regular cleaning, repairs, landscaping, and any other maintenance-related expectations.
  • Cancellation Policies: Clearly state the cancellation policy, including any penalties or fees for cancellations or changes to the reservation. Specify the required notice period for cancellations and any refund policy in case of cancellations within that period.

Tips for Creating a Strong Short-Term Agreement:

The tips for creating a strong short-term rental agreement are explained in bullet points:

  • Be Clear and Detailed: Clearly outline all terms, conditions, and expectations in the agreement. Leave no room for ambiguity. Specify rental duration, payment amounts, rules, and any other pertinent information. A detailed agreement helps prevent misunderstandings and disputes later on.
  • Tailor to Specific Needs: Customize the agreement to suit the particular property and rental circumstances. Tailoring the agreement ensures it addresses the specific needs of the rental situation, providing clarity and fairness for both parties.
  • Comply with Local Laws and Regulations: Ensure that the agreement adheres to all legal requirements and regulations governing short-term rentals in the relevant jurisdiction. This helps protect the rights and interests of both the landlord and the tenant within the bounds of the law.

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